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Loan Services

The Financial Boost Your Enterprise Needs

For whatever reason, your business may be running low on operating capital. Floyd Smith Capital will provide you and owners of other established enterprises with the funding you need. Real estate lending is available to help you pay for capital improvements, and we offer some loan programs that other companies do not. Call (720) 608-5189 to learn the loan options available to you.

Financial Consultation

Let's Discuss Your Financial Needs

To determine your financial requirements, we have a 1-on-1 consultation with you. The answers you give provide us with a clear picture of the best loan for you. After we make our recommendations, we negotiate terms and review paperwork with you.

Funding Your Future Success

You apply for a business loan in the same way that you would apply for a credit card. Because we understand the commercial loan process, we know that you may already have a sizable amount of capital, but you do not want to spend your own money for your project, cash flow, etc. Applying for and receiving a business loan has tax advantages that would not be beneficial to you if you used your business' existing capital.

A Solution for Merchants

Improvements to your building can be costly. If you do not have all the money for them, you have to borrow it. We provide merchant loans that you can use to pay for improvements. However, you can also use the funds to expand your inventory and to fill in gaps in your business' cash flow.


  • Auto Repair
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Services
  • Transportation
  • Trade Workers
  • Wholesale

Business Debt Relief

Working closely with businesses in all industry sectors, we help small businesses restructure debt and modify their business loan terms.  We value our relationships with both our clients and creditors, as we work help you reduce your payments, pay off your debts and revive your cash flow.  There is a solution to business debt, and we're here to help you find it!

Services includes:

  • Debt Management
  • Business Debt Restructuring
  • Analyzing Business Debt
  • Business Loan Modification
  • Debt Negotiations
  • Network of Attorney
  • Commercial Debt Restructuring Strategies
  • Debt Counseling Exit Strategies
  • Organization Debt Restructuring
  • Graduated Debt Relief

Commercial Loan

Financing business in almost every industry.

Will fund High RISK Merchants:

  • Home Businesses
  • Sole Proprietorships
  • California Businesses
  • Construction
  • Bail Bonds
  • Antiques (No Special Orders)
  • Rental Or Sales Agencies
  • Collectible/Memorabilia
  • Computer Hardware/Seminars/Self Help
  • Escort Service and Adult Entertainment
  • Internet Business
  • Lead Lists (All Types)
  • MLM - Multi Lead Marketing (Products Sales Only)
  • Modeling-Talent Agencies
  • Moving Companies
  • Online Malls
  • Online/Mail Order Event Ticket Sales
  • Private Investigators
  • Public Relations Services
  • Real Estate Related Industries
  • Security and/or Surveillance Equipment/Service Providers
  • Travel Agencies
  • Web Advertising

Restricted Merchants:

  • Used Auto
  • Legal Services
  • Collection Agencies